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“The best competitive intelligence is the most precise. I think Sage Recon provides that.”

-- Health Care Solution Sales Executive

Learning about CI

The use of competitive intelligence services, whether third-party or in-house, has become standard practice for a broad range of industries. Fortune 500 companies have long known the value of investing in CI, especially to help maintain their strong position in contested markets.

As disruption has become a buzzword for businesses worldwide, the trade in corporate intelligence has proliferated. At S|R, we put CI insights within reach of SMBs. We are highly responsive and able to meet information requests of almost any size.

Our collaborative approach helps tailor each project to meet the client’s specific needs and goals, whether simply to grow topline revenue, launch a new product or fend off new competitors entering the marketplace.

A CI review that includes a side-by-side analysis of your business, product or service alongside key competitors is often a great starting point for companies that are accessing this type of service for the first time. For those that have a strong understanding of their competitive landscape, S|R can readily deliver information as specified, even taking rush orders when needed.